Bridges Foundation

Foundation’s Goal & Visions

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  • To provide deserving students of Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School the ability and financial support to fulfill career aspirations.

Visions for Students

  • To provide financial resources for high achieving students to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities that will lead to an Associate Degree and/or a Baccalaureate Degree.
  • To provide financial resources for the acquisition of tools and/or equipment for deserving students to pursue career aspirations.
  • To provide financial support for exemplary students while enrolled at Bethlehem AVTS to participate in specific industrial seminars, conferences, or trade shows related to the students’ career pathways.

Bridges Scholarship Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for Bridges and Bridges affiliated scholarships were determined by identifying multiple characteristics believed to be necessary for students to meet a successful post-high school experience.  The criteria included a review of academic and vocational accomplishments, occupational career aspirations, and interviews with a team of judges.  The judges were a representative sample of business leaders, community personnel, Bridges Foundation Board members, representatives of the Risbon Scholarship Fund and selected school personnel. Seventy-five students submitted applications for these awards.  Of the many worthy students, the eighteen honorees are highlighted in this program.

Risbon Scholarship Fund*

The family of Joseph J. Risbon, the first Director of Bethlehem AVTS, has graciously agreed to fund a scholarship as a memorial to Mr. Risbon.  The family chose to utilize the same criteria for scholarship selection as the Bridges Foundation standards.

Michael L. Albarell Electrical Scholarship

This award is being presented as a memorial to Michael L. Albarell, founder of Albarell Electric, Inc., by his son, Michael,  and daughter-in-law, Lynn.  The Bridges Scholarship criteria format was used to select the highest ranking student pursuing an electrical career pathway.

Albarell Electric Inc. Bridges Foundation General Scholarship*

This scholarship is awarded to a student in recognition of their academic, vocational, and community service involvement at BAVTS and their participating school.

Century Fund Affiliate Scholarship*

The Century Fund is a charitable trust established in 1985 by the late Donald P. Miller, former owner and publisher of the Allentown Morning Call. The Century Fund awards grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that are actively engaged in advancing charitable causes which serve the needs of the Lehigh Valley and has distributed more than $13,000,000 to a broad range of organizations.

The Bridges Foundation was a recipient of a $10,000 grant this year to supplement efforts to provide financial support for deserving BAVTS students in pursuit of their career aspirations.

Elizabeth Mason Thun Fund*

The Bridges Foundation was the recipient of a $10,000 grant this year to supplement efforts to provide financial support for deserving BAVTS students in the pursuit of their career aspirations. The scholarship and award winners were selected by using the Bridges Foundation Scholarship Selection Criteria.

Luke and Barbara Cunningham’s Distinguished School-to-Career Award

The recipient of the Luke and Barbara Cunningham Distinguished School-to-Career Award is a student who has a minimum of one (1) semester in an approved School-to-Career Program at Bethlehem AVTS. The student must maintain a minimum of 85% in their occupational program of study and a B average in academic performance. The student should have strengths in multiple other areas including, but not limited to, participation in a vocational student organization, community service activity, and other related activities that bring positive recognition to Bethlehem AVTS and the participating high school. This Bridges affiliated scholarship need not meet the criteria established for tradional applications.

Adam Fink Memorial Award*

Adam Fink graduated from Bethlehem AVTS in 2005 in the Video Media Arts Program. His parents have specified a scholarship in honor of his memory.

*BAVTS Bridges Foundation Criteria is utilized to select the worthy recipient of this award.

For more information about the Bridges Foundation, please contact Heather Chilcote at 610-866-8013, ext. 196, or by email at