Faculty Commitment

BAVTS Instructional Staff

The instructional faculty is dedicated to working towards the Governor’s Job Ready initiatives and Federal Perkins IV legislation. It is our goal to create a student-centered environment that ensures measurable success through targeted areas of achievement throughout our facility. The performance levels of all individuals at BAVTS will be raised through professional development, quality curriculum, support services and appropriate funding so the following can be accomplished:

  • BAVTS will enhance the integration of academics into its technical programs and provide support to ensure student success on standardized tests and industry related certifications.
  • BAVTS will provide appropriate counseling and advising so that all students maintain and complete a career path related to their post-secondary goals.
  • BAVTS technical programs will develop educational partnerships with community, business/industry and post-secondary institutions to build and maintain quality of instruction.
  • BAVTS will provide the resources and support for professional development activities that focus on student-centered achievements.

Integration of 21st Century Skills

The Technology, Math and Literacy Specialists at BAVTS present students with real-life activities, in which integrated technology and academics are included at all levels of instruction. Incorporated in the lessons of each course are cooperative learning exercises, discovery lessons, use of manipulative and application labs. Academic integration strategies are included in all curricula in an effort to support student success on standardized tests, industry related certifications and future career goals.