Prospective Students

Navigating your Career

Level 1 – The Core Curriculum Program

Level One begins with a rotation through four (4) shops during the first quarter at BAVTS. At the end of the first quarter they select their top choices for permanent placement in a CTE program. This year is designed to assist students in appropriate career placement and for entry-level skills of a specific program area. This program is related to the work goals of quality education as established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The integrated system for Workforce Education Curriculum will be used to integrate vocational education with academic skills.

Our Level 1 students receive a foundation in the occupational departments chosen. This curriculum provides the essential skills and knowledge that apply to an entire occupational area.

Level 2 – Continuation In Student Selected Major

Students will spend the year focusing on professional skill development in the major selected. Level 2 students work with highly specialized equipment and theories along with integrated math and career studies.

Level 3 – Mastery Of Program Major

Students will continue to refine their skills making it possible for them to be eligible to receive national certification in their field. On-the-job training through apprenticeships and co-op placements are possible opportunities for students at this level. After graduation, preparation received by Level 3 students will enable them to successfully continue on their chosen path – college or work force.

Academy Programs

BAVTS also offers high achieving students the opportunity to accent their high school schedule by attending one of two (2) Academy programs. These programs run yearly in 80-minute blocks, which is approximately 240 hours in length. Academy courses may be taken as independent college preparatory units; Level I courses are not required.