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Alex Glassberg, Guidance Counselor
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Masons are highly skilled craftsmen who use specialized equipment and tools to mix mortar, bond materials together and form patterns, lay out masonry walls and other important features on buildings. Masons also construct concrete walls on footers, create stone walls and structures and can become masters within the tile laying field. Masons need good math skills, working with fractions and basic formulas to estimate materials and lay out jobs. A mason must have good hand/eye coordination and a little imagination but most of all a mason must like his trade and have pride in himself to become truly successful.

Students should learn the fundamental skills of a mason. The students should create a series of projects that progress from jobs as simple as a brick pyramid to as complex as a residential fireplace. They should learn how to use the basic hand tools of the trade, which include scaffolding, masonry rules, mortar mixers, and other basic tools. They should learn to read blueprints. Students should use the masonry shop to make themselves the best they can be as a mason and as a person. At the end of the program, a student’s job readiness and mastery of occupational skills will be measured based on testing and standards of the National Testing Institute.

Careers in Masonry
Semi-Skilled: General Laborer, Mason Tender
Skilled: Mason Contractor, Masonry Estimator, Bricklayer, Block Layer, Stone Mason, Tile Setter, Plasterer, Contractor, Stucco Finisher, Concrete Finisher
Technician: Concrete Tech.
Professional: Job Estimator, Project Manager, Cst. Engineer, Instructor