Michael Giamoni, Instructor
Phone: 610-866-8013, ext. 162.

Heather Burkhart, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 610-866-8013 (Ext. 127)

Plumbers install and repair pipe systems that carry water, steam, or other liquids or gases. Plumbers also repair piping systems and put in plumbing fixtures, appliances and heating and cooling equipment. Some install water, gas, and waste disposal systems in buildings. Others install complex pipe systems used in oil refineries and nuclear plants. They use wrenches, drills, saws, torches, power machines, and many other kinds of tools and equipment. Pipefitters need good math skills, working with fractions and using formulas. Plumbers also need good communication skills and the ability to read and interpret blueprints.

Students will learn to assemble, install, alter, and repair pipe systems which carry water, steam, or other materials for sanitation, industrial, and other uses. They will also install plumbing fixtures, appliances and hydronic systems. Reading blueprints and using pipefitting formulas are two other skills the student will learn. Students will use acetylene torches and a variety of hand and power tools. At the end of the program, a student’s job readiness and mastery of occupational skills will be measured based on testing and standards of the National Testing Institute.

Careers in Plumbing
Unskilled: Laborer
Semi-Skilled: Apprentice, Supply Clerk, Parts Delivery
Skilled: Plumber, Pipefitter, Gas Fitter, Pipe Installer, Water Meter Installer
Technician: Inspector, Master Plumber (license required)
Professional: Instructor