image of a film reel and a projector in the Video Media Arts course.

Video Media Arts

Sergio Rivas, Instructor
Phone: 610-866-8013, ext. 147

Heather Burkhart, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 610-866-8013 (Ext. 127)

Video and multimedia personnel create the exciting images and sounds that we’ve come to expect from TV programs, CD ROM and the Internet by combining sound, video and computer graphics technologies. These occupations require not only the operation of cameras, microphones, mixing boards and powerful computer systems, but also the creativity and communication skills necessary for working with the clients who depend on these products for their business and information needs.

Instruction includes training in concept development and design, audio and video production, computer imaging and presentation technology. Computer software applications will include computerized editing graphics and animation. The nationally recognized Student Occupational Competency Achievement Test will measure a student’s mastery of occupational skills at the end of the program. Students may qualify for the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate, indicating high performance and job readiness in multiple areas.

Careers in Video & Media Arts
Skilled: Video Camera Assistant, Audio Assistant
Technician: Video Camera Operator, Audio Technician, Broadcast Engineer, Video Systems Engineer, Lighting
Degree Professional: Producer, Director, Editor, Graphics Specialist, Script Writer, Multimedia Programmer