baking students rolling out the dough and applying flower to it to keep it from sticking.


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Commercial bakers work in wholesale and retail bakeries, supermarket in-store bakeries, hotels and restaurants. A baker must be able to accurately weigh and measure ingredients in large quantities and blend the ingredients properly to prepare dough and batter. A thorough understanding of ratios, decimals, and percentages is important. A skilled baker must understand the function of many different ingredients, and in large bakeries, he/she must learn how to operate high volume production machinery. In many small to medium size bakeries, skilled bakers roll, shape, and cut a variety of dough and pastries by hand to produce breads, sweet rolls, Danish pastry, French pastry, pies and cookies. Many bakers are also highly skilled in baking and decorating special occasion cakes ranging from small birthday cakes to large and elaborate wedding cakes.

Students will learn how ingredients are weighed and measured for large batches of dough and batter. They will learn how to operate large mixing machines and how to properly blend ingredients. Students participate in the production of many different varieties of bread, rolls, donuts, sweet rolls, Danish pastry, cookies, and many other pastry varieties. Cake decorating skills are taught starting with layer cakes and sheet cakes and advancing to large multi-tiered wedding cakes. Students also learn the advantages and disadvantages of different production options such as the use of prepared bakery mixes and frozen pre-formed products. The nationally recognized Student Occupational Competency Achievement Test will measure a student’s mastery of occupational skills at the end of the program. Students may qualify for the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate, indicating high performance and job readiness in multiple areas.

Careers in Baking
Unskilled: None
Semi-Skilled: Donut Fryer, Icing and Finishing, Baker’s Helper, Apprentice
Skilled: Master Baker, Pastry Chef, and Cake Decorator
Technician: Cake & Pastry Pro. Foreman, Bread & Roll Prod. Foreman, General Production Foreman
Degree Professional: Instructor