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Culinary Arts

Lawrence Fortunato, Instructor
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Dario Chavez, Instructor
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Scott Ferry, Instructor
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Heather Chilcote, Guidance Counselor
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The food industry employs a large number of people encompassing a variety of career opportunities. Statistics published by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor indicate that the food industry has a projected growth pattern through the year 2000. This program prepares the student for employment in restaurants, hotels and related commercial and institutional food service and hospitality established. Successful employees in this industry should possess high degree of flexibility, motivation and creativity. Qualities such as good personal hygiene, physical stamina, positive attitude, ability to work under pressure, and the ability to communicate effectively are equally important.

Students will learn fundamental core competencies in safety, sanitation, measurements, equipment, hand tools, basic food preparation and customer service. They will set career goals and develop employability skills as they experience hands on skills through the operation of a commercial and institutional kitchen, bakery, and hospitality industry. The nationally recognized Student Occupational Competency Achievement Test will measure a student’s mastery of occupational skills at the end of the program. Students may qualify for the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate, indicating high performance job readiness in multiple areas as well the National Restaurant Association ServSafe certification.

Our mission is to instruct students in skills and competencies of the Culinary Arts and Customer Service fields.  The operation of this facility affords students the opportunity to practice skills necessary for professional employment in the culinary arts industry.

All food is prepared and served by students.  With this in mind, we appreciate your co-operation and patience during your dining experience.  Our students learn from their experiences and we welcome any comments or suggestions, which would have a positive impact on their learning.  Please forward any comments that may enable students to be better prepared to enter their chosen profession.

Careers in Culinary Arts
Semi-Skilled: Dishwasher, Bus person, Waiter/Waitress, Pantry Worker, Prep Cook, Fast-Food Worker, Line Server, Host/Hostess, Housekeeping
Skilled: Cook, Baker, Soups Chef, Steward, Garden Manager, Butcher, Bartender, Food Purveyor, Caterer, Banquet Manager, Front-Desk Manager, Dining Room Supervisor, Restaurant Owner
Technician: Diet Technician, Food Technologist, Food Inspector, and Sanitarian
Degree Professional: Dietitian, Executive Chef, Nutritionist, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager