Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing

Glenn Milositz, Instructor
Phone: 610-866-8013, ext. 148
Email: milositzg@bavts.org

Angela Thom, Guidance Counselor
Email: thoma@bavts.org
Phone: 610-866-8013 (Ext. 131)

Electronics manufacturing technicians work in a wide variety of capacities, generally with the day-to-day handling of production problems, schedules, and costs. They deal with any problems arising from the production process. They install, maintain, and repair assembly-or-test-line products. In quality control, they inspect test products at various stages in the production process. When a problem is discovered, they are involved in determining the nature and extent of it and suggesting remedies. Those involved in quality control inspect and test products at various stages of completion. They determine the cause for rejection of parts or equipment by assembly-line inspectors and then analyze field and manufacturing reports of product failures.

This course is designed to give students the theory and hands-on experience with setting, programming, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing equipment in a high-tech educational environment. Students who complete this program will be able to set up and operate a mixed-technology assembly line from initial design considerations through the final assembly and inspection. Students receive nationally recognized industry certification in electronic assembly along with the opportunity to receive college credits upon completion of the program.

Careers in Electronics Manufacturing Technology
Semi-Skilled: Assemblers
Skilled/Technician: Electronic Assemblers, Soldering Inspectors, Manufacturing Technicians, Automated Equipment Operators, Rework Technician.
Degree Professional: Electronic Engineers, Electronics Manufacturing Engineers