Academy of Engineering

Judith Milositz, Instructor
Phone: 610-866-8013, ext. 151

Angela Thom, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 610-866-8013 (Ext. 131)

Students will learn the fundamentals of measurement, including engineer’s scales, verniers, micrometers, and angular measurement. Students will learn the fundamentals of boundary and topographical surveying. Students will learn to do mechanical testings and metallurgical analysis, as well as, learn the fundamentals of electronics and electrical theory. Students will learn basic fluid power theory, including hydraulics, pneumatics and wind tunnel study. They also learn mechanics and physics as applied to the engineering curriculum. Students will also learn the fundamentals of computer-aided-design, including how to read and create a variety of technical prints. Students will have the opportunity to learn computer programming, computer numerical control, refrigeration, data acquisition and control theory.

This course is structured much like a traditional college level engineering course. Three periods per week are reserved for lecture and discussion, one period per week for student presentations and six periods per week for lab activities. Lab activities consist of individual and group projects designed to reinforce the theory components, as well as participation in various national design competitions. These competitions permit the students to participate in actual engineering projects involving design, construction, and testing of a prototype device.

Following testing, the team presents a formal audio-visual presentation to an audience of judges and peers. At the end of the program, a student’s job readiness and mastery of occupational skills will be measured based on testing and standards of the Academy for Applied Engineering.

Careers in Engineering
Technician: Electronics Tech, Hydraulics Tech, Pneumatics Tech, Surveyor, Metallurgical Tech, Chem Lab Asst., Scheduling Tech.
Degree Professional: Mechanical Eng, Electrical Eng, Electronics Eng, Civil Eng, Environment Eng, Chemical Eng, Metallurgical Eng, Aeronautical Eng, Fluid Power Eng, Manufacturing Eng, Instructor, Process Eng