Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions


Must I be a high school graduate or have a GED to take your courses?

BAVTS does not require a diploma or GED to take most of our courses. However, all programs resulting in licensing or industry certification generally WILL require exam applicants to have a GED or diploma. As you might guess, employers will also look for candidates with a GED or diploma. We encourage you to complete your education and/or obtain your GED before taking courses with us simply because doing so greatly enhances your employ-ability.

Are there age restrictions for attending Continuing Education classes?

Students as young as 16 and as old as 96 (or older!) can attend most Continuing Education classes at Bethlehem AVTS as long as they meet entrance requirements. Some courses have minimum age restrictions (18 or older) due to either the invasive nature of the skills learned (Phlebotomy) or due to state/certification regulations.

Do you offer financial aid?

Most of our courses do not qualify for federal or state student loans due to the short duration (under 300 hours). We do offer interest-free payment plans for students enrolled in qualifying programs. We also partner with Bethlehem First Credit Union for low-interest Education Loans for our students. For more information about payment plans or gaining membership to Bethlehem First Credit Union, please contact us.

Do you offer job placement services?

While we do not place students directly in jobs, we do offer career counseling, resume assistance, agency funding information and local job lists.

Will I receive a Diploma?

BAVTS courses are non-credit only. Students who successfully complete courses receive a Certificate of Completion which shows the total course contact hours in CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). While CEU’s are not equivalent to college credits (they do not transfer to other schools), they are often used to document required Continuing Education for persons in various professions/occupations.

For more information contact our Evening Coordinator, Dana Huber at  huberd@bavts.org  or call at 610-866-8013 (Ext. 111)